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Are you looking to maximize your rental income from your property in London? pass the keys portal could be the key to unlocking your property’s full short-let potential. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore how Pass The Keys helps homeowners professionalize their short-term rental business.

Running an Airbnb or other short-term rental is rewarding but involves hard work. Between managing listings, communicating with guests, handling check-ins/outs, and maintaining your property, it can easily become a full-time job. This is where the Pass the Keys portal comes in – as an experienced property management company dedicated specifically to short lets.

What Exactly is Pass The Keys & How Does it Work?

Founded in 2016, Pass The Keys is a London-based short let management company with a technology-driven approach. Their mission is to help homeowners maximize profit from their short-term rentals while minimizing the work required.

Here’s an overview of their operating model:

  • Full-service management: Pass The Keys completely takes over managing your rental. This includes hosting, marketing, booking management, guest communication, check-ins/outs, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Purpose-built technology: Their proprietary software automates and simplifies many management tasks. This includes a centralized dashboard, dynamic pricing, calendar integration, guest messaging, and more.
  • Dedicated account management: Each homeowner is assigned an account manager to oversee your property and provide personalized service. This single point of contact ensures a seamless experience.
  • vetted processes: Pass The Keys uses thoroughly vetted processes for each aspect of short let management, from vetted cleaners to standardized checklists. This professionalizes the operation.
  • Co-hosting model: They co-host your listing on Airbnb and other platforms for a seamless booking experience. Listings remain under your account ownership and control.

In summary, Pass The Keys serves as an end-to-end property management solution tailored specifically for short-term rentals. Their technology and dedicated personnel handle the hard work so you can sit back and collect rental income.

A screenshot of the Pass the Keys Portal dashboard showing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The Solution: “Pass the Keys Portal”

“Pass the Keys Portal” is a comprehensive solution designed to address the challenges of access management. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of granting and revoking access, making it an ideal choice for organizations and individuals alike.

Key Features

1. User-Friendly Dashboard

The portal boasts an intuitive dashboard that allows users to manage access effortlessly. Whether you’re granting access to a new team member or revoking privileges from a departing employee, the dashboard streamlines the process.

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2. Role-Based Access Control

With role-based access control, you can assign permissions based on job roles. This ensures that users have the right level of access required for their specific responsibilities, enhancing security key and efficiency.

3. Audit Trails

The portal keeps a detailed log of all access-related activities, providing transparency and accountability. Audit trails help in identifying any unauthorized actions and taking appropriate measures promptly.

4. Integration Capabilities

“Pass the Keys Portal” seamlessly integrates with a wide range of applications and systems, ensuring that your access management solution is compatible with your existing infrastructure.

What Services and Features Are Included?

As a full-service short let management company, what exactly does Pass The Keys handle for you? Here are the key services and features included:

  • Listing creation & optimization: Professional photography, compelling listing descriptions, smart pricing and content that converts.
  • Listing distribution: Syndicating your listing across Airbnb, Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia and more.
  • Pricing management: Data-driven pricing adjusted dynamically based on demand, events, seasons and other factors.
  • Booking management: Managing booking requests, vetting guests, adjusting rates and availability.
  • Guest communication: Point of contact for all guest inquiries before, during and after the stay.
  • Check-in/out: Electronic self-check-in instructions, greet guests upon request, and inspect the unit after checkout.
  • Cleaning & laundry: Provide vetted cleaners, and ensure units are cleaned before each check-in.
  • Maintenance: Handle any maintenance issues quickly and provide 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • Payments & Accounting: Collect payments, register with HMRC, provide monthly statements and disburse rental income.
  • Reviews & reputation: Promptly address any issues and encourage positive reviews to boost your reputation.
  • Restocking: Ensure units are properly stocked with toiletries, linens, coffee and other essentials.
  • Reporting & analytics: Key metrics to optimize performance and track expenses vs. revenue.
  • Dedicated account manager: Personal guidance and oversight from an experienced account manager.

With this full spectrum of services, Pass The Keys essentially takes over as your short-let property management company. Everything is handled professionally so you can relax and collect rental income.

An illustration depicting role-based access control, granting permissions based on job roles.

How Much Does Pass The Keys Cost?

Pass The Keys pricing is simple:

  • 20% of rental revenue as their management fee
  • There are no upfront or hidden fees beyond the management percentage.

This means you only pay Pass The Keys when your property earns rental income. There are no setup costs or subscriptions.

The 20% fee is competitive within the short-term management space. For comparison, some competitors charge 25-30% or more. Pass The Keys aims to provide maximum value at a reasonable price.

You can expect higher rental income even after the Pass The Keys fee. By managing to price dynamically, syndicating across more platforms, and delivering a smoother guest experience, they help most owners earn 20-30% more than self-managing.

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Of course, your unique rental, location, and clientele affect results. But in general, Pass The Keys increases income potential beyond their management fee.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Pass The Keys?

With any service company, customer feedback provides the best measure of quality. Here are excerpts from recent Pass The Keys reviews that give a sense of their service:

“I have been using Pass The Keys since late 2019 and my experience has been fantastic. The team are responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. They take excellent photos and write great listing descriptions. I have seen my occupancy and rental rates increase since hiring them to manage my property.”

“Pass The Keys makes short let property management easy. Their support team is always ready to help whenever any issue arises. I love the ability to monitor bookings and messages from guests in their portal. PT Keys has taken a huge workload off my shoulders and I’ve been very happy working with them.”

“We have a 4-bed passive income property that used to be a huge chore to manage ourselves. Since hiring Pass The Keys 8 months ago, they’ve dramatically improved our occupancy rate and monthly rental income. Our property looks better than ever and everything is handled professionally. I highly recommend giving Pass The Keys a try.”

These testimonials demonstrate Pass The Keys’ ability to deliver on their mission – making short-term rental management easy and maximizing owners’ rental income.

Based on multiple reviews, customers consistently praise Pass The Keys for:

  • Increasing bookings & rental rates
  • Professional service & responsiveness
  • Reducing workload & headaches
  • Enhancing property presentation
  • Simplifying self-check-in/out
  • Providing helpful account management

Considering how challenging DIY short-let management can be, it’s great to see so many satisfied customers after hiring Pass The Keys.

Is Passing the Keys Worth It for Your Short-Term Rental Business?

Deciding whether to hand your precious rental property over to an outside company is never easy. To determine if Pass The Keys is a wise investment for your short-term rental business, consider these key factors:

Profit potential – Can Pass The Keys increase your net rental income beyond their 20% fee? For most owners, the answer is yes – often 20-30% higher earnings or more. By specializing in short-term management, they optimize key drivers of profitability.

Time & hassle – Managing a short-term rental solo requires a huge time commitment. Do you want to spend nights/weekends communicating with guests and handling issues? With Pass The Keys, you hand these headaches off to professionals.

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Core competencies – Short let management requires specialized skills like dynamic pricing, digital marketing and high guest service levels. Pass The Keys has honed these competencies since 2016, whereas most homeowners are new to this game.

Growth opportunities – Perhaps you want to scale beyond your first rental property. Pass The Keys provides a management solution that can support multiple units and centralize operations.

Location & property type – Your specific rental, guest demographic and location also determine if Pass The Keys is a wise fit. Generally urban rentals and multi-room properties benefit most from professional management.

If you answer “yes” to one or more factors above, then Pass The Keys is likely a smart investment for your rental business. Their 20% fee pays dividends through higher earnings, less work and reduced risk.

A screenshot of Pass the Keys Portal displaying detailed audit trails.

Key Takeaways – Is Pass The Keys Right for Your Short Let Rental?

Boiling it down, here are the main things to remember about Pass The Keys:

  • They provide full-service, tech-powered short let management – listing, booking, hosting, cleaning and all.
  • The 20% fee seems reasonable given the headache reduction and profit uplift owners report.
  • Increased earnings, bookings, and 5-star reviews are consistent benefits mentioned by customers.
  • Perfect for homeowners who want to scale rental volume and venture beyond one property.
  • Best suited for urban rentals and multi-bed properties that demand heavy management.

Overall, Pass The Keys appears to deliver an exceptional service catered specifically to short-term rentals. Their model makes sense for London hosts who want to optimize income and minimize workload.

Ready to discuss how Pass The Keys can start unlocking your rental property’s potential? Reach out today to learn more and get a custom quote.


The “Pass the Keys Portal” is a transformative solution for access management, simplifying the process, enhancing security, and improving user experiences. By providing role-based access control, audit trails, and integration capabilities, it addresses the challenges faced by organizations and individuals alike. With the portal, you can pass the keys to a more secure and efficient digital world.


What percentage does pass the keys take?

Pass The Keys charges a 20% management fee.

What do pass the keys do?

Pass The Keys provides full-service short-term property management.

What is the notice period for pass the keys?

Pass The Keys does not disclose its notice period publicly, so the exact notice period is unknown.

Who owns pass the keys?

The ownership information for Pass The Keys is not publicly available.

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